Rai, a new creative and modern Japanese concept, created by and named after founder Shrabaneswor Rai and Executive Chef Padam Raj Rai – focuses on multi-course tasting menus that fuse the highest quality Japanese dishes with unique ingredients from the UK and around the world.

From Japan comes the highest-grade Hyōgo Prefecture Kobe and Kagoshima wagyu beef; Sanpuku, the finest nori from Japan’s Ariake Sea; Koshihikari rice and aged soy sauce alongside quintessential British ingredients including cave-aged Dorset cheddar, English truffle, and organic British chocolate.

Alongside the sustainably sourced menu offering, Rai also aims to raise awareness of the current environmental challenges and present solutions, using a selection of recycled tableware that have been handcrafted from scratch using materials such as plastics, scrap metals and driftwoods from England’s beaches.