Rai, a new creative and modern Japanese concept, created by and named after founder Shrabaneswor Rai and Executive Chef Padam Raj Rai – focuses on multi-course tasting menus that fuse the highest quality Japanese dishes with unique ingredients from the UK and around the world.

From Japan comes the highest-grade Hyōgo Prefecture Kobe and Kagoshima wagyu beef; Sanpuku, the finest nori from Japan’s Ariake Sea; Koshihikari rice and aged soy sauce alongside quintessential British ingredients including cave-aged Dorset cheddar, English truffle, and organic British chocolate.

Alongside the sustainably sourced menu offering, Rai also aims to raise awareness of the current environmental challenges and present solutions, using a selection of recycled tableware that have been handcrafted from scratch using materials such as plastics, scrap metals and driftwoods from England’s beaches.

Executive Chef Padam Raj Rai

Having won critical acclaim at Hot Stone in Islington’s Chapel Market, Executive Chef Padam Raj Rai brings over 20 years of experience and excellence to our new concept, RAI, in Fitzrovia.

Originally from Nepal and having trained in Osaka, Japan, he later moved to London where he held specialist sushi chef positions at some of London’s best loved Michelin-starred Japanese restaurants. Later, Padam went on to co-found Hot Stone, which gave him a platform to develop and hone his signature modern Japanese style, which recognises and celebrates both traditional Japanese origins and the British influences that have shaped the evolved the modern form of the cuisine we know and love today.

RAI is the latest stage of this exploration and evolution.





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